Community Radio - What is it?

Community Broadcasting in Australia is one of the largest volunteer organisations in the country, with over 20,000 volunteers giving time for the many talks needed to keep a radio station on air including:

  • Announcing
  • Management
  • Program Preparation
  • Administrative tasks

Community Radio is about communities: The communities that you live and work with are both the audience and the makers of community radio. The station itself is a mini-community made up of representatives from those communities. Community radio also strives not only to represent, but to provide opportunities for growth in a community: to question and encourage debate, to promote healthy attitudes, to foster links, to communicate new ideas and information. It all starts with you.

Guiding Principles

Community broadcasting will continue to develop as it reflects a changing Australian society. In doing so it is guided by adherence to a few simple but powerful principles:


Community broadcasting promotes active volunteer participation in media production rather than passive consumption of media. The sector provides skills and training that ensures access to the media for all parts of the community.


Community media has an expanding local role. While commercial media and the ABC are reducing local content and increasing networking, community stations have become the voice of local communities.


Community broadcasting fosters innovation, creativity and diversity of content. In both structure and output community media reflects Australia 's immense cultural diversity and by doing so supports greater tolerance, understanding, and social cohesion.


Community broadcasting stations are owned and operated by individual not-for-profit groups. Each licensed group has open membership and democratic decision-making practices. All stations must adhere to a sector code of practice that embodies the sector's philosophy and secures their independence.

Community Radio Broadcasting Policies & Procedures

Our radio station follows the policies and procedures outlined in the Community Radio Broadcasting (CBAA) Codes of Practice. Please speak to the Station Manager if you need more information.

Read about the Code of Practice on the CBAA website (using the link above) or download the PDF by clicking the button
The Codes of Practice from the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) >>